With Candace Newton-Chaput and Dr. Russell Kennedy

Pilot hosted by Paul Livingston and Candace Newton-Chaput
(C) 2011 - LivingNew Productions

Candace Newton-Chaput and Dr. Russell Kennedy are passionate, talented, individuals with impressive media backgrounds who have discovered their similar values and concerns for relationships today.

Well known and respected for their work in media and education, together they bring a diverse dimension of quality information, education and entertainment.  Using their extensive resources of experts, personal experience, humor and insights; they bring authentic perspectives to couples searching for answers in today’s sometimes confusing world of relationship expectations and roles.  Their efforts intend to reestablish boundaries of dignity and self-respect on behalf of both men and women while recognizing the relationship world has dynamically and notably changed over the past 30 years.

Candace and Russell are respectful of their unique gender roles, past relationship history, (they have both been married and divorced) and strongly believe that men and women ARE different.... And they LOVE the differences.
Drawing from their own experiences, and challenges, they share a similar foundation of core beliefs around relationships and want to bring education, understanding and acceptance using sensitivity and common sense to bridge any gaps. Being of the same ages, and from their past experience, it sets up the atmosphere for sincere responses from both hosts. This is “conversation radio” rather that “talk radio” as we engage and interact with our listeners we don’t talk “at you” but rather “converse with you!”

Between the Sexes”, aims to address issues uniquely from a man’s and a woman’s point of view that endeavors to provide listeners with far more than entertainment!  Using various tools, resources and living research from live couples as a guideline for discussions, the hosts draw out the differences, commonalities and bust through the barriers against success in relationships between men and women.
The show is laced with humor, (the best way to receive tough truths) deep at times and always entertaining.

On the part of the hosts, there exists a natural passion for life and love that is unmistakable and the audience voyeuristically listen as Candace and Russell address and work their way through issues, laughter, conversations and “hot topics” that touch the lives of couples every day.
As true professionals and a relationship team, they have committed to be respectful towards one another at all times, removing any degrading comments against the different genders.  Their hope is to be an example for healthy debate and interaction between the two sexes.   Respecting their former relationships, they will draw from their past experiences as it relates appropriately and only to speak to their OWN experience.

Men, along with women, find Russell’s  humor, raw perspectives, leadership, and honesty, on EVERY topic...something they can relate to.

For women and even men, Candace’s personal confidence as a woman, years of experience in women’s leadership, natural vulnerability, snappy responses and honest questioning can inspire even the most “closed individual” to open up their heart.  Endeavoring to benefit personally from information exchanged within their own show, they aspire to grow with their audience learning themselves about new ways to look at the relationships we find the most impacting in our every day worlds.


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