Paul Livingston
Radio Co- Host:  “Between the Sexes”

Paul began working for the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Faculty of Medicine.  He worked in the Department of Biomedical Communications firstly as a video production assistant, then as a producer, lead producer, and finally a Manager of one of their 4 multimedia production facilities overseeing a team of 14 multimedia professionals.   

He was educated at Capilano University in British Columbia, having received a degree in Media Production, followed by an education in Business Management and Marketing at The British Columbia Institute of Technology. Over the years he produced programs ranging from all forms of surgery, clinical treatment, psychiatry, psychology, and the full range of allied health science specialties. Paul was also involved with much of the fund raising media production for the various UBC teaching hospital affiliates. He managed the media production facility for British Columbia Children’s and Women’s Health Centre. BC Children’s Hospital is a leading member of the Children’s Miracle Network group, and Paul was involved with the live and pre produced video and photographic aspects of this very important charity.

Paul’s various teams won many awards for their excellence in producing quality educational programs in healthcare. He won an award for excellence having served as Treasurer for the Pacific Instructional Media Association, and in 2007 was nominated for his Outstanding Contribution to Education for the University of British Columbia and The Provincial Health Services Authority.

Paul currently works at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) as a Multimedia Specialist and technical expert. Since beginning his work at BCIT, he has received seven awards for outstanding service having been nominated by faculty and students.

On his personal side, Paul has always been a consummate athlete involved in soccer, football, track and field, and mountain biking competitively. He is considered a strong leader and motivator in his career and sports lives. As a father of two children, he is committed to promoting leadership to men and their families.

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