Candace’s Newest Co Host on “Between the Sexes” – Dr. Russell Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy has enjoyed entertaining various groups and companies across North America, presenting to both medical and general audiences alike.  His sense of humour and knowledge of medicine and brain science have given Russ a unique ability to use the power of laughter to show that the less seriously you look at your troubles, the less serious your troubles look. The human brain has a bias towards fear as this helped us avoid disaster in our distant past, but for the most part, fear has outlived its usefulness. We have a stone age brain in a digital age and our threats are more mental than physical. In this way, primitive man feared his predators and modern man fears his creditors! Stress is often an illusion of perception and often a simple shift in what you focus on can make a huge difference in how you feel.

As he experienced and recovered from professional burnout and stress himself, speaking on these topics has special meaning for him. He often talks to physicians and health care workers and particularly enjoys working with the University of British Columbia medical students, helping the "physicians of tomorrow" deal with the stress of managing life as a doctor.

But you certainly don't have to be a doctor to feel stressed these days. Dr. Kennedy's presentation "A Refill on Your Perception" is designed from his neuroscience background to be an ultimately practical guide to calming the mind and body. It provides scientifically proven strategies to adjust the perceptions and attitudes we have around the stressors in our lives.  Dr Kennedy draws on his left brain neuroscientist / physician side with his right brain yoga teacher / stand up comedian side, showing easy and practical techniques that change negative perceptions that have likely been programmed into us before we were 8 years old. In short, Russ takes and entertaining and infomative look at how you can learn to SEE  your stress, rather than BE  your stress, with the ultimate purpose of showing people how to retrain the brain's natural ability to experience more internal clarity and focus, moving away from North American society's compulsion with fear based clutter. Dr Russ will show you how to "take the best and leave the rest!"

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Candace Newton-Chaput
Radio Co- Host:  “Between the Sexes”

Candace is an inspiring speaker, adult educator, talk show, event host and successful television producer, as well as an experienced MC.  With over 25 years experience, Candace continues her passion of educating and helping women and their families from all walks of life in any and all issues that need to be addressed.


Paul Livingston
Radio Co- Host:  “Between the Sexes”

Paul began working for the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Faculty of Medicine.  He worked in the Department of Biomedical Communications firstly as a video production assistant, then as a producer, lead producer, and finally a Manager of one of their 4 multimedia production facilities overseeing a team of 14 multimedia professionals.   



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